About us

Our website is to promote relationship between Finland and Vietnam regarding business, education and culture.

Vietnam has enjoyed strong economic growth. Since 1990, Vietnam’s GDP per capita growth has been among the fastest in the world, averaging 6.4 percent a year in the 2000s. Despite uncertainties in the global environment, Vietnam’s economy remains resilient. Vietnam has made significant advances in the provision of basic services. Besides, access to basic infrastructure has also improved substantially. The Government of Vietnam continues to show commitment to reforms. The 10 year strategy – Vietnam’s 2011 – 2020 Socio-Economic Development Strategy (SEDS) highlights the need for structural reforms, environmental sustainability, social equity and emerging issues of macroeconomic stability. It defines three “breakthrough areas”: (i) promoting skills development, particularly for modern industry and innovation; (ii) improving market institutions, and (iii) further infrastructure development.

The Finland Vietnam trade relationship has been growing; however, trade turnover has been still limited. The two governments have been creating favourable conditions to increase turnover as of one billion US dollars in the next years. Vietnam export products to Finland include coffee, rubber, shoes, textile, handicrafts, wooden products, bicycles and accessories, etc. Vietnam imports from Finland include machinery equipments, means of multimedia, textile accessories, electricity equipment, steel, etc. Some familiar products can be listed as Nokia phones, Vertu, Wilson tennis racquet, Linux software, Finnish salmons raised in Sapa, Vietnam.

By March 2015, Finnish investment in Vietnam ranked the 29th among 101 countries having invested in Vietnam with total projects of 10 and total capital of more than 325 million US dollars. Finnish projects are small and medium size, mostly focusing on industrial glue manufacturing, textile, wood, etc.

Economic cooperation and investment in Vietnam is one of priority policy of the Finnish government. Trade promotion with Vietnam has been done by several Finnish organizations, in cooperation with embassies and some project work teams. According to our research, the business promotion between Finland and Vietnam has not been made full advantage of so as Finnish and Vietnamese companies can find suitable business partners and gain sufficient information about the target market.


BiziVietnam is managed by professional expert, Hang Do, with rich experience about market research, business development and marketing. We aim to promote Finland Vietnam relationship in term of trade, education, tourism and culture.


Our objectives include, but not limited to as follows;

  • Looking for business opportunities and sharing them to Finnish and Vietnamese entrepreneurs.
  • Facilitating the cooperation and building relationship between Finnish and Vietnamese companies, as well as with international organizations.
  • Consulting business and investment in Finland and Vietnam, building business strategy, marketing and market research plan.
  • Localising marketing communication and materials. We help to localise sales pitches to ensure the effective business communication in target countries. We also handle marketing materials content design (digital or printed matters such as flyers, brochures, presentation, questionnaire, etc.)
  • Market survey and partner search.
  • Providing information about investment environment in Vietnam, Finland and updated legislations.
  • Visit program design includes: (1) Business meetings, seminars, exhibitions, networking events, cultural activities for delegates; (2) Logistic organisation: transportation, Accommodation, Dinning, Visa Support. – Communication Management: Necessary document compilation, translation and interpretation.
  • Visa application support, university information and scholarship in Finland.
  • Job search support and integration into living in Finland for Vietnamese students.
  • Promoting exchange programmes between Finnish and Vietnamese high schools and universities.
  • Promoting Vietnamese Finnish cultural exchange programme and events in Finland.
  • Promoting Vietnam tourism and food to Finnish customers.

If you have any query about Vietnam, don’t hesitate to contact us at our contact form. We would be pleased to answer your questions. Thank you!