Vietnamese Language and Culture Association in Finland

We desire to develop a strong community of Vietnamese people in Finland via language and cultural activities and promote the beautiful image of Vietnam to Finnish and international friends in Finland

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Promoting and sharing Vietnamese language, culture, food and tourism in Finland as well as Fin-Viet relations, thus help boosting business cooperation between Finland and Vietnam.

Vietnamese language courses

The courses are designed for different levels and target audiences. There are two courses for foreigners and Vietnamese children.

The classes will teach you how to prepare the best Vietnamese food so that you can also cook at home for yourself and dear ones.

Hobby clubs are intended for children, the youth, and families. Themed meetups are for exchanging experience, expertise and networking.

We cooperate with partners in Finland and Vietnam to organize cultural, education, medical and business tours/ visits in both countries.

Who will benefit from us?

Vietnamese community in Finland

Vietnamese people who are born/ living in Finland wishing to learn the language, culture. 

International audience

Finnish/ Foreigners in Finland wishing to learn about the Vietnamese language, culture, food, tourism, etc.

Companies and organizations

Businesses interested in Vietnamese language and culture courses, food and cultural events. Business consulting services. Delegation visits. Co-creation events. Themed meetups.

Support us

As a sponsor/ donor, you’ll make a huge impact by supporting us to create meaningful activities and events for the community. Your support will be used to deliver activities and projects that benefit not only Vietnamese community, especially children born and raised in Finland but also Finnish people to learn and understand about a new culture, Finnish companies and organizations to get promoted and connected in order to boost business and cultural understanding and cooperation between Finland and Vietnam.

For talents

Are you looking for a volunteer job? Volunteering for an NGO could potentially provide you with learning experiences and making impactful contributions to the local community, especially Vietnamese community in Finland. You will have chance to meet new people, make new friends and learn new skills. It could also be a good way to build professional skills.

Become our members

We welcome companies, Vietnamese and foreigners who would love to learn about the language and culture, and be the first to get updates about upcoming events.

Join us to have fun and empower the cultural connections!