Where we empower cultural connections and boost cooperation opportunities between Finland and Vietnam.

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Vietnamese Language Courses

Our courses are thoroughly designed and tailored for Vietnamese children in Finland, individuals and companies. Our teachers are experienced and qualified in teaching Vietnamese to children living outside of Vietnam who understand their challenges and difficulties, and in teaching Vietnamese to foreigners and companies. Class participants will also get to learn about Vietnamese culture through our language lessons.

Cooking Classes

Our monthly Vietnamese cuisine cooking classes are “A series of Vietnamese cuisine cooking classes – The Art of Healthy Living” with an aim to introduce Vietnamese cooking and cuisine in the most authentic way.



Hobby Clubs

Our hobby clubs are for Vietnamese children with rotating activities such as singing, dancing, musical instruments, arts and crafts. Hobby clubs are expected to expand their reach to serve a large audience in the future for example families or young adults.

Art Courses

Art Courses for adults such as Painting, Drawing, etc.