vietnamese business culture training

To build trust, they want to discuss with you in person, look at your eyes and shake your hands. Without those things, your work can be hard to go forward.

Niiles Airola, CEO of KaukoInternational, Finland.


Doing business in Vietnam successfully requires a familiarity with Vietnamese business culture and local customs. It is important to be aware of cultural differences.

Objectives: Through a combination of background information and hands-on practical tips and solutions about Vietnamese culture and in particular, working practices and the business culture, learners will: Better prepared when working with the Vietnamese. Make a great impression and avoid cultural misunderstandings. Respond correctly to expectations. Communicate more clearly and manage conflict carefully. Aware of potential challenges and solve them at best. 


Course Details

Topic 1: Understanding Vietnam

The Vietnam overview.
History and identity.
Religion, values and beliefs.

Topic 2: The Communication Style

The approach to communication.

Topic 3: Working with Vietnamese

Hierarchy and formalities.
Building trust, productive relationships with counterparts.
Strategies to navigate important business processes (negotiations, sales, presentations , meetings etc.)
Tips on how to enhance collaboration

Topic 4: Making a Good Impression

Cultural do’s - don’ts, taboos and etiquette. Relationship building and hospitality.

Topic 5: Common Challenges

Common challenges for foreigners.

Topic 6: Discussion

Cultural comparison.


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Hang Do

Hang is a professional business consultant. She works with startups, SMEs, business organizations in Finland, Germany, Italy, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc. with special focus on market entry and international business development. Her expertise includes leadership, effective communication, project management, business development and stakeholder relationship. She has many years of experience in training.