Hang Do


Passionate about promoting Finland-Vietnam cooperation and Vietnamese language, culture, tourism in Finland. Her goal is to maintain the Vietnamese language and culture to younger Vietnamese generations born and raised in Finland, promote the Vietnamese culture to locals and internationals in Finland, and boost mutual understanding and bilateral cooperation between Finland and Vietnam.

Tu Duong

Vice Chairman

Holding strong background in international businesses, broad knowledge of cross-industries and solid experience working with public, private and non-governmental organizations, Tu can foresee things and integrate human resources and systematic ways of approach to have smooth execution and successful outcome in the end.

Mary Mai

VICE Chairwoman

An international business development and marketing professional. A Global Citizen who is passionate in different cultures, making positive impacts and spreading cheerful energy to the surrounding society.



Creative folks

Saurav L.

Sales Lead

Saurav wanted to be successful and be able to help people globally at the same time, not knowing how and what exactly it is to be one. Dreams, right?! Well, yes but he still believe that with little bit of more can-do attitude and laying every major next steps towards that. Believing the process towards it! It’s possible!

Quyen Cao

PR & Marketing Lead

A young and creative digital marketer. As being born in Vietnam and now working in Finland, she is into getting the bottom of different cultures and figuring out how cultures influence people. When she is not working, you’ll find her listening to music and reading, cooking in the kitchen or painting.

Hao Le

SOCIAL Media Lead

Hao has fallen in love with tranquil beauty of Finland and its culture, thus she wish to help create a bridge for Finland and her home country Vietnam closer to each other.



Trinh Tran

Partnership Lead

Trinh is a young individual with hands-on experience in both communications and operations. Becoming a better version of herself is always her rules of thumbs. She is now looking forward to surrounding herself with fellow peers that shares the same principles.

Khoa Trinh

Cinematography LEAD

Khoa’s first intention when coming to Finland to learn IT. But ”Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get”, he found his passion in film making and knew that this is his destiny. He strives to bring Vietnam images to the world through his visual work.

Khuong Trinh

Creative lead

Khuong is a freelance photographer and graphic designer in Helsinki. She loves to visualize her imagination into reality through art works and photos.  Joining BiziVitenam, she wants to learn and connect to her amazing teammates and other talented people in this community.


Phuong Vo

programme lead

Tam Thai


Hang Nguyen

programme lead

Hieu Nguyen

Video creator

Nguyen Nguyen

Programme lead

Tai Nguyen

Cooking instructor

Join us to make impact

Are you looking for a volunteer job? Volunteering for an NGO could potentially provide you with learning experiences and making contributions to the local community, especially Vietnamese community in Finland. You will have chance to meet new people, make new friends and learn new skills. It could also be a good way to build professional skills.