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Market and Industry Insights

To build your business case and prove the value of an establishment or investment, we provide you with customised information and benchmarking services on the Vietnamese market, business climate, industry sectors, operating costs, legal framework and more.

Business Opportunity Identification

Based on your sector priorities, we will identify and present market and industry opportunities in Vietnam. We identify growth areas, key industry stakeholders, establishment strategies and follow-up steps.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Localising marketing communication and materials. We help to localise sales pitches to ensure the effective business communication in target countries. We also handle marketing materials content design (media production, digital or printed matters such as flyers, brochures, presentation, questionnaire, etc.)

Establishment Support

We provide you with information on how to set up and run a business in Vietnam, including rules and regulations, legal entities, employment matters, taxes and more.

Partner Search and Matchmaking

We introduce you to opportunities of strategic partnerships, R&D collaborations and other types of cooperation. We find you reliable contacts and arrange contact with the right local clients, distributors and partners.

Events and Logistics

Events: Business meetings, seminars, exhibitions, networking, cultural activities.
Logistic organisation: transportation, accommodation, dinning, visa support. Communication management: necessary document compilation, translation and interpretation.

Site Selection

To help you find the right location and premises for your facilities, we coordinate site selection processes based on your requirements.

Access to Business Networks

We introduce you to all necessary service providers, authorities and organisations.

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