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Sharing is the power of a community to grow and make contribution to the society. The Hobby clubs are intended for every adults residing in Finland regardless of religions, genders, etc.  

All clubs are free of charge for paid BiziVietnam membership. 

Hello folks,
We, BiziVietnam, are organizing a Vietnamese speaking club, aiming to support our foreign friends – Vietnamese language lovers – with interactive conversation and opportunities to know more about Vietnamese culture.
This club will be taking place online once per month as the COVID-19 situation is around, let’s hope we all can meet when it’s getting better.
Registration fee: It’s accessible for all existing members of BiziVietnam. For those who are new to us, only with a one-time purchase of 30 euros of annual membership, you will become a member of our BiziVietnam community and have access to all Vietnamese-speaking clubs and other fun activities organized by us and benefits from our vendor partners.

hobby club timetable 2021

The timetable will be updated soon

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