Vietnam exporting agricultural and fishery products to Finland and Nordic markets

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The FLC 2-year project (07.2014-07.2016) funded by the Finnish embassy in Hanoi was established in July 2014 with an aim to strenghthen the capacity of Vietnamese enterprises exporting agricultural and fishery products to Finland and Nordic countries.

The project is organized and coordinated by VCCI (Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry). The objectives are:

First, enhancing access to information, regulation and market opportunities for Vietnam enterprises.

Second, improving the capacity of production and processing enterprises in Vietnam to meet the regulations applicable to goods imported to Finland and Nordic region;

Third, supporting Vietnamese enterprises to research the market and finding trade and investment opportunities in Finland and Nordic region;

Forth, contributing to enhancing trade and investment relations between Vietnam and Finland as well as the Nordic countries through the promotion of trade, investment.

The scope of organizing training courses of the Project will focus in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta – those are areas that gathered leading businesses of cultivating, processing and exporting agriculture and seaproducts of Vietnam. The Project will also support businesses throughout the country with other activities such as providing information, promoting activities.

Benefits while participating in the project: (1) Free registering to be members of the project; (2) Participating in the survey and be evaluated by experts of the Project; (3) Posting and being updated information regarding agriculture and seaproducts via the Project’s portal; (4)Receiving of guidebook “Exporting agriculture and seaproducts to Finland and Nordic – Things need to know”; (5) Possibly being selected in the Project’s business directories of cultivating, processing and exporting businesses; (6) Being informed and invited to the Project’s seminars, training courses; (7) Being invited and given priorities to register participating in the business delegation to research market, learn experiences and meet with importers/distributors in Finland and some countries in Nordic.

Source: VCCI