Finland Vietnam Business Webinar in Helsinki, October 2017

Finland Vietnam Business Webinar in Helsinki, October 2017

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Finland Vietnam business webinar in Helsinki 2017

Finland Vietnam business webinar has finally been made on October 11, 2017. We had a very good discussion about Finland Vietnam business opportunities, which is live broadcasted on webinar at our project partner Galimatias in the centre of Helsinki, Finland. Galimatias has  20 years of experience in strategies for language, communication and internationalisation training. 

The webinar gives Finnish companies interested in expanding business in Vietnam an overall picture of the Vietnamese market and some keynote issues to enter Vietnamese market. 

Finland Vietnam business webinar Helsinki 2017



Deciding when to go global is a tough call for entrepreneurs. There are many tempting opportunities in emerging markets like China, Vietnam, India, etc. However, they need to be fully prepared if they do not want to risk venturing abroad. Potential investment industries, finding partners/buyers, dealing with Vietnamese authorities and companies, business and work culture in Vietnam, marketing channels, HR and employment are the main discussed issues in this webinar. 

BiziVietnam welcome all questions regarding Vietnamese market and cooperation opportunities. Questions can be sent here. 

Click to listen to the recorded webinar. 

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