Finland Vietnam Economic Cooperation Seminar in 2017

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A seminar on Finland-Vietnam Trade cooperation was held on 3 May 2017 in Helsinki with participation of Finpro, Finland-ASEAN Trade Association (FinCharm), and more than 20 Finnish entrepreneurs and companies in many sectors such as industry, finance and banking, real estate, import-export, namely Poyry, Haldenbansken Suomi, Bareco, Finnvera, Nordea, etc.

The ambassador of Vietnam to Finland has presented about business potentialities, and strength of the Vietnamese economy, foreign-invested projects that are encouraged by the Vietnamese government such as public transport facility development, clean energy, high technology, agricultural and fishery product export.

Vietnam is a potential emerging market with a population of nearly 100 million, young and educated workforce, rich in natural resources. Especially, the Vietnamese government highly encourages foreign investment through providing many economic reform policies, applying many positive administrative reform measures, creating more favourable investment conditions to investors, applying aggressive anti-corruption regulations.

Presently, Vietnam is the most active member among Asian countries in many free trade agreements (FTA). The EU-FTA, in which Finland is also a member will be passed and implemented in 2018 will create more business opportunities for investors from European countries.

Most Finnish companies show their concerns about challenges for investors to do business in Vietnam, how to tackle difficulties and what kinds of policies and mechanism that Vietnamese government has been applying to encourage foreign investment.

We will update more about foreign investment status in Vietnam, challenges and opportunities in another post.

Hang Do