BiziVietnam’s Official Launch Event In Finland

In August 2020, BiziVietnam’s Official Launch Event was organized at Sello Library, Espoo, Finland. This was a remarkable milestone for our challenging, but fascinating journey.

Attending the Official Launch Event of BiziVietnam was our honored guests Ms. Johanna Kotkajärvi, Deputy Director General, Department of Communication, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Mauri Raveala, Chairman of the Finland-Vietnam Friendship AssociationHer Excellency. Ms. Dang Thi Hai Tam, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Viet Nam to Finland and the Officers from the Vietnamese Embassy in Finland. There were also representatives from Vietnamese Community Association, Nordic Asean Business Forum, Vietnamese Entrepreneurship Society in Finland (VIETES), together with the representatives from our sponsor STT Group and our first corporate members Scanzon Finland Group, VinaFinn Holding, Doranova and KaukoInternational.

At the launch event, we shared our vision, mission and the impacts that we will deliver in society and to the Vietnamese community in Finland. We also introduced our programs which are developed into four main categories: Cuisine, Language, Culture and Business. This official launch was really meaningful to BiziVietnam and we had  really touching moments in the stage when we played the video about our formation process, showing all our obstacles in the past and exciting potentials in the future. Our Story – See it here!

It took Ms Hang Do, our Chairwoman, four years to nurture her passion about promoting Vietnamese culture, sharing ideas with many organizations and gathering enough resources for the birth of BiziVietnam with two co-founders Mary Mai and Tu Duong. In March 2020, the team kicked off with nine members and now we are so proud to have an excellent team expanded to 20 people together with volunteers and instructors. We all share enthusiasm about promoting Vietnamese values through culture and language and strengthening our footprint in Finland.

During the event, we received congratulations and encouragement from our guests of honor to BiziVietnam. 

Following BiziVietnam’s presentation and team introduction was a keynote speech delivered by Ms. Johanna Kotkajärvi. The presence of the representative from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland at the Launch Event of BiziVietnam has shown support from Finnish authorities to BiziVietnam’s initiatives and programmes, which will not onlyempower the Finnish-Vietnamese cultural connections but also promote cooperation opportunities between the two countries. According to Ms. Johanna, preserving language and culture for younger generations is of great importance. There will be challenges ahead; however, she believes that BiziVietnam will deliver positive impacts.. 

Ms. Dang Thi Hai Tam shared with us the same dedication of the Vietnamese Embassy in Finland about the importance of strengthening the Vietnamese-Finnish connection and boosting the cooperation of Vietnamese-Finnish businesses. She added that the embassy was committed to support BiziVietnam.

Ms Nga Nguyen Park, Chairwoman of the Vietnamese Community Association, also shared the same vision with us to build up the good image of Vietnamese communities in Finland to both local and international people.

As Mr. Mauri Raveala saidthis is the right time for BiziVietnam to promote Vietnamese-Finnish connection and there are great opportunities for us to develop so that we can strengthen and tighten the  relationship between Finland and Vietnam both in life, culture and business. 

At the Launch Event, BiziVietnam also received a congratulatory letter from Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland.

During the event, we had a chance to introduce our amazing talents from the Vietnamese community in Finland as our contributors. Most of them are our instructors in hobby clubs.

We are very happy that we have so many associates with us from the beginning of our journey, who silently support us as the sponsor STT Group and the first corporate members Scanzon Finland Group, VinaFinn Holding, Doranova and KaukoInternational

As a non-profit organisation, we would like to welcome all of the potential sponsors and support from any of you for our continuing journey. Becoming BiziVietnam’s partners, corporate members or personal members, you can not only participate in many activities, but also contribute to our joint effort: Empowering cultural connections and cooperations between Finland and Vietnam, building beautiful rich Vietnamese cultural experiences and reliable community for every local, international and Vietnamese in Finland.

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As a sponsor/ donor, you’ll make a huge impact by supporting us to create meaningful activities and events for the community. Your support will be used to deliver activities and projects that benefit not only Vietnamese community, especially children born and raised in Finland but also Finnish people to learn and understand about a new culture, Finnish companies and organizations to get promoted and connected in order to boost business and cultural understanding and cooperation between Finland and Vietnam.

Event highlights

Vietnamese Embassy in Finland presented Vietnamese books to Sello Library

A gift from the Embassy Vietnam in Finland to BiziVietnam

Representatives from Vietnamese Embassy  in Finland and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland 

Representatives from Vietnamese Community Association In Finland and BiziVietnam

BiziVietnam received flowers from representatives from Finland- Vietnam Friendship Association

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