Launch of BiziVietnam, an NGO promoting Vietnamese Language and Culture In Finland

We are pleased to announce the launch of BiziVietnam – Vietnamese Language and Culture Association in Finland (Vietnamin Kielen ja Kulttuurin Ry, 3125485-5). BiziVietnam is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering cultural connections between Finland and Vietnam by promoting and sharing Vietnamese language, culture, food and tourism to Finland.


Since 2016, Hang Do started initial steps as personal passion, 2020 has witnessed the official launch of BiziVietnam, the first and only association with the mission to promote Vietnamese language and culture in Finland. BiziVietnam is founded by the Board members Hang Do, Tu Duong and Mary Mai and other founding members Quyen Cao, Saurav Lamichhane and Hao Le. 

 The mission of BiziVietnam is to promote and share Vietnamese language, culture, food and tourism to Finland as well as the Finnish – Vietnamese relations through activities such as language courses, cooking classes, hobby clubs, tours and delegation visits. BiziVietnam believes that there should be consistent opportunities to manifest and promote the beauty of Vietnamese language and culture to Vietnamese communities, locals, internationals and organizations in Finland.


‘’I realize that the younger Vietnamese generations in Finland do not have many opportunities to get exposed to their original language and culture. Concurrently, there are more and more Finnish and foreigners living in Finland wanting to learn more about Vietnamese food, language and culture. Companies interested in doing business with Vietnam want to know about the business culture and language. We would like to fill the gap and build the bridge between Finland and Vietnam in all matters from culture to business for our young generations born in Finland, and for the two countries’ cooperation relationship.” Hang Do, chairwoman of BiziVietnam.


BiZiVietnam is an unique existing association that offers opportunities for people to explore and learn about Vietnamese language and culture, for companies and organizations to engage in doing business with/in Vietnam, and for individuals who are keen on volunteering and making positive impacts to the local society. Visit our website to learn more about us and various exhilarating programs to explore the beauty of Vietnam right here in Finland.

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